August 10, 2007

Iraq interpreters

Tim Ireland has put together a short video to go publicise the fate of the interpreters that we are about to leave behind in Iraq. Whatever the rights or wrongs of the Iraq war (and personally I've changed my mind about it, twice) these people deserve our gratitude for the help they have given our soldiers. They have already put themselves in danger for the UK, which is a lot more than can be said of many people that have sort sanctuary here.

Click here to watch the video

There is a petition going for Gordon Brown to ignore and since it is only at about 750 at the moment there must be many people out there that have yet to sign it, so should a reader turn up to this blog and not have done so please think about signing it.

Over on planet Guardian, where they are all Hezbollah now, Neil "I love genocidaires" Clark has a different view. He thinks that all of these interpreters are eeeeevil collaborators and as such it is only right that they be tortured to death. A view that should make some of the other people that write for the Groan rather uncomfortable. Not for sharing pages with such a freedom hating, genocide apologist, conspiracy monger of a cunt. They should all be used to that. If he Clark truly believed that quislings should be murdered then many of them could be up for getting the power tool treatment.


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